New From #Twitter: ‘While You Were Away’ Recap

New From #Twitter: ‘While You Were Away’ Recap

During their first-ever Analyst Day in November Twitter revealed that it was working on a number of new updates to the platform, including changes to the way that the timeline works for users.

One of those features is now rolling out. It’s called “While you were away”, and it gives users a quick recap of what they’ve missed on Twitter while they were off doing something else.

Here’s how it looks:

New From Twitter: ‘While You Were Away’ Recap

“There are time periods when something incredibly relevant to you as a user could have occurred hours ago before you open up the Twitter app,” CFO Anthony Noto said back in November.

Right now the feature is mobile-only (possibly iPhone only) and it’s not yet clear whether this will be launching on or be available in third party apps.

Suffice to say, the reaction to the new feature has been decidedly mixed. Some users like it, others cannot see the point. But that’s pretty much every new feature on Twitter, and until it’s system-wide and we’ve all played around with it for a while it remains to be seen if it’s a useful add-on, or just an annoying pop-up that we all rush instantly to close.

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