Twitter Should Buy Yahoo, Says Ex-Yahoo CEO

Twitter Should Buy Yahoo, Says Ex-Yahoo CEO

Once upon a time Yahoo was the king of the internet. Not only was it the best place to find the coolest websites around, thanks to the recently-closed Yahoo Directory, for many people it was both their search engine of choice and home page.

Then Google came along. And that was that.

Yahoo is still a sizeable business, but it’s glory days are behind it. It seems like every week we read speculation about who Yahoo should buy to boost their business, but what about the other way around. Does it make sense for another tech business to acquire Yahoo?

That’s exactly what former interim Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn thinks Twitter should do.

“Honestly, I think Twitter should go buy Yahoo,” said Levinsohn, speaking to CNBC. “If you separated Yahoo into the two businesses that it really is – a tracking company and an operating company. If you put Yahoo and Twitter together it would be the most powerful force in the media business.”

While there were no merger talks during Levinsohn’s time as chief exec, they did discuss integrating Twitter’s real-time functionality into Yahoo’s business, he says.

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