Twitter’s Year in Review: Heavy on Celebs and Sports

Twitter's Year in Review launched today. From the looks of it, all we did was tweet with celebs and watch sports. That sounds almost about right.

year in review
Feeling nostalgic yet? Twitter released an interactive way to relive the year through tweets. You can peruse “Moments,” all the way back to New Year’s Eve tweets, Maya Angelou and Robin Williams’ deaths, the Ice Bucket Challenge and Ferguson.

You can also pick “Perspectives,” which offers up the top five tweets from verified accounts like Robert Downey Jr. or Lady Gaga. Adding a nice way to explore the social network over the holidays, each personality from the “Perspectives” section also lists their #5toFollow.

While there’s a nice balance of Twitter personalities to check out, there’s a lot of Robert Downey Jr. and sporting events. That’s probably because we tend to tweet about live events, and between the various championships, the Olympics and the World Cup, it looks like that’s all we did this year. Entertainment awards and viral hashtag campaigns are up there, too. Overall, it’s a nice way to recap the year, even if the Emmys got a bigger bubble than Ebola and Ferguson.