Twitter’s New “Directory” Tab Makes it Easier to Find Relevant People to Follow

Twitter is experimenting with rolling out a new way to find relevant people to follow, by adding a “Directory” tab in the top navigation bar just to the right of “Profile” and “Messages”. This gives prominence to the activity of finding new follows, and makes it easy to browse, search for, and follow users.

When you click the “Directory” tab, you’re taken to a page that suggests people to follow based on who you currently follow and other factors. These suggestions appear in an expanded list, similar to what you would have seen in the past if you were using the “Who to Follow” functionality.

You can search for a user from this page if you know their username, or browse the list that Twitter has put together based on your social graph.

In addition to suggestions, you can also “Browse Interests”, finding new people to follow based on the topics that they tweet about. For example, clicking on “Technology” brings me to a list of 60 suggested accounts that are tech-based, including Bill Gates, Kevin Rose, and BBCClick.

The Directory tab also gives you the option to find Twitter accounts that you are already connected with on Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Hotmail/Messenger.

Clicking “Who to Follow” above the list of suggested accounts in the right hand panel on the Twitter homepage will also take you to the Directory page.

The Directory page is being called “People”, “Find People”, and “Who to Follow” for some users, according to TechCrunch.

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