Twitter’s Workplace Culture: Keeping 1,300 Employees Happy

As a startup, a company doesn’t have to really work hard to make sure its employees care about the product and each other. With one, two, maybe three people working crazy hours on a business they’re passionate about, startup culture has internal engagement bred into it.

But as a company grows, management has to try new ways to engage its hundreds or thousands of employees. Here’s how Twitter does it.

Forbes contributor Kevin Kruse spoke with Twitter’s Head of Organizational Effectiveness and Learning, Melissa Daimler about keeping the 1,300 Twitter employees on the same page and engaged with building and maintaining the 140-character network.

Here are the four ways the company engages its employees in a nutshell (for a more detailed description of each, check out the full article on Forbes):

  1. Management sessions led by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo
  2. Regular employee satisfaction and idea-generating surveys
  3. Helping employees learn five core skills, regardless of their position: communication, development, direction, change and collaboration
  4. Encouraging continuous feedback from all employees at all levels

Twitter has also done other little things to keep its workforce happy and productive. For instance, it created an engineering exchange between its staff and that of Etsy, to keep knowledge fresh and to give new experiences to some of its engineers. The company also places motivational phrases around the office – and on company-provided laptops – to keep morale high.

This might sound like simple stuff, but it’s absolutely essential to have programs like these in place within such a large – and quickly growing – company like Twitter.

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