Two Female Scribes Play Nice on Twitter

Twitter can be obnoxious in the way that reporters call one another out for mistakes in a public forum. Why not just write them privately? Because, of course, that would defeat the purpose of public humiliation. Here’s an example of two reporters — one from HuffPost, another from Politico — who engaged politely during last night’s primary coverage. It was no less obnoxious, mind you, as Politico honchos and colleagues likely saw the exchange. But hey, at least it didn’t end in a brawl.

HuffPost‘s Elise Foley began with this mild scolding of Politico‘s Juana Summers: “Unfortunate phrasing? MT @jmsummers: Santorum hitting women hard here, talking about his mother and wife ‘who is as strong as they get.'”

Juana wrote back, “.@elise_foley Gonna be fixing that one.”

Elise suddenly realized how she sounded. “@jmsummers Ha, sorry, I was being kind of a twitter brat. I got what you meant.”

Juana quickly took the high road and made Elise feel better about calling her out. “@elise_foley No, I got it. Someone else on the press table got my attention too. I appreciate it.”

Juana ultimately altered her tweet. And Elise RT it. “RT @jmsummers: Santorum talking up women — talking about his mother and wife “who is as strong as they get.”



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