Ubisoft Brings CSI: Hidden Crimes to Facebook

CSI: Hidden CrimesUbisoft has announced the launch of its newest game on Facebook, CSI: Hidden Crimes. Previously released on iOS, Android and Amazon devices, the game offers cross-platform progress syncing, so users can keep their progress intact when playing on multiple platforms. In CSI: Hidden Crimes, players take on the role of a rookie crime scene investigator, solving cases in a style similar to that of Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case.

In each case of CSI: Hidden Crimes, players complete hidden object scenes to find evidence (and other items), before taking the evidence back to the lab for examination. The more points players earn on each round of a hidden object scene, the closer they are to earning seals, or mastery stars, for the scene. These seals are then used to examine evidence, perform autopsies, interrogate suspects and more. Some tasks also take time to complete, which can be sped up using premium currency.

In the case of most evidence examination, players complete mini-games for tracking finger-prints, deciphering crumpled notes, hacking electronics and more. Since these activities require seals, players will spend a lot of time repeating the case’s limited number of scenes multiple times in order to continue. It should also be noted that scenes require energy points to access. While energy is given away while completing other case tasks, it can also be purchased with real money, or allowed to recharge over an extended period of time.

As players complete investigations in a single case, they’ll learn more about potential murder weapons, the criminal’s appearance and more. When all of the evidence has been examined, and the proper suspect is ready to be identified, players use all of their clues to determine the solution. That is, if both suspects have the same dress style, the final determining factor may be their hair color (as just one example).

CSI: Hidden Crimes is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is also available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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