Mobile Web Browser UC Browser Adds Real-Time Facebook Notifications

Third-party mobile Web browser UC Browser, from UCWeb, announced that it teamed up with Facebook to provide real-time notifications from the social network directly to users

UCBrowserFacebookNotifications650Third-party mobile Web browser UC Browser, from UCWeb, announced that it teamed up with Facebook to provide real-time notifications from the social network directly to users, without requiring them to have the Facebook application open.

Quartz pointed out that this initiative marks the first time Facebook notifications will be available to users from a source other than the social network’s app or mobile site.

The other interesting angle to this announcement is the China factor: While Facebook is still blocked in that country, UCWeb is owned by Chinese Internet giant Alibaba. At this point, any point of entry into China is important for Facebook.

Facebook and UCWeb also teamed up last June on browser add-on Browse Facebook Faster, which helped speed up the social network’s page loading on UC Browser.

UCWeb said in a release announcing the project with Facebook:

To access Facebook notifications, all you have to do is log in to your Facebook account on the latest version of UC Browser. Then you can start receiving real-time notifications, even after you exit the browser. You can also manage the type of notifications you receive so you only get the ones that are most important to you.

This most recent integration with Facebook, together with the browser’s rich set of features, add-ons and advanced download management, makes UC Browser a better alternative to your phone’s built-in browser. With UC Browser, you can do all you need to do online without the need to use many other apps. This might come as good news especially to people with budget phones that may not be able to effectively run many apps at once or simply for people who want to get the most out of their mobile web browsing experience.

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