UK Editor ‘Fed Up’ of ‘Turgid’ Applications, Asks For All Job Apps To Be Tweeted

If you want a job at one of Northcliffe Media’s papers in the south east of England, you won’t be able to apply online. You won’t be able to send an e-mail, fill out an ATS form, and you won’t even be able to give the guy a call.

This job ad, posted recently, gives only one way to respond to the ad: Twitter.

On editorial director Alan Geere’s blog, he explains the reasoning:

I’m fed up wading through turgid ‘letters of application’ and monstrous CVs outlining an early career in retail handling and a flirtation with the upper slopes of the Andes.
I want reporters who can find stories that no-one else has got and write them quickly and accurately….I keep getting told there is an over-supply of qualified people wanting to do journalism. Well, maybe there is but there’s definitely not an over-supply of people who are any good.

A little harsh, perhaps, but it hasn’t stopped people from responding. Our Storify of the responses can be viewed here.

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