32% Of All UK Adults Now Have A Twitter Profile [REPORT]

PR firm Umpf conducted a research study that asked nearly 2,400 UK adults questions about the social networking platforms that they used.

The results are in and they’re fascinating. According to the study, Twitter has an estimated 15.5 million users in the UK (about 32% of all adults), is favoured equally by both genders and is most popular with users between the ages of 18-44.

Twitter’s numbers are great but they’re dwarfed by Facebook, with 37.4 million UK users (about 77% of all adults) and also YouTube (32.1m, 66%). LinkedIn (7.9m, 16%) rounds out the pack.

Umpf has made all the statistics from the study available as a Google Document which you can read here.

What do you think? Do these numbers match up with your own assumptions? I have to say 15.5m for Twitter in the UK sounds a little high to me. Even if this figure is accurate I would question how many of these profiles are genuinely active. Saying you’re active and actually being active are two very different things.

Still, this is fascinating stuff, and whether the numbers are spot-on or not, there’s still plenty of potential for Twitter growth in the UK, which has got to be great news for Jack Dorsey et al.

(Source: Umpf.)

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