Uken Studios Unleashes Titans on iOS

The card-battle game takes players to a fantasy kingdom which has been destroyed by a rival army, and challenges them to build an army capable of taking back the land


Canadian developer Uken Studios has announced the launch of its newest mobile game, Titans, on iOS devices. The game takes players to a fantasy kingdom which has been destroyed by an evil army. Players take on the role of a Master Alchemist and will create their own army to take back control of the land, one card battle at a time.

In Titans, players create an army of Titans by collecting and fusing inanimate materials like stone, wood, ice or dark matter (as examples). Each Titan has four stats: attack, intelligence, health and speed, and can be upgraded over time by using more of the same material that originally created it. That is, a Titan created with mushrooms can be enhanced by spending additional mushrooms (and coins).

Once players have recruited a few Titans, they can take them into quests, which may or may not trigger battles. Each quest sees players given the goal of clearing cards to walk through a door at the top of the screen. A path is created by choosing one face-down card on each step of the path, until players reach the door. Once the path is chosen, the cards are flipped over and players receive any rewards underneath, like coins and crafting materials.

When an enemy is revealed under a card, players are taken into battle, where they tap on an enemy card to target it, and tap on their own card(s) to attack. If the battle lasts long enough, players can unleash their Titans’ special attacks, which include healing another Titan or triggering a stronger attack on the enemy, as examples.

In a statement, Chris Ye, founder of Uken Studios, commented on the game’s design:

When we decided to create Titans, we knew that we wanted to improve on the character progression system in card games today. We think we have achieved this by making a hard distinction between Titans and Materials so that it’s easier for players to understand the game and start crafting and enhancing their units right away.

Outside of the game’s single-player campaign, users can battle each other in a real-time player-vs-player mode called “War.” This mode sees gamers given decks of 20 Titans to face off against others.

Ye adds:

We were tired of seeing the same asynchronous battle systems that a lot of RPG and card games have. We hope that War will add an additional layer of excitement and strategy that appeals to hard-core and mid-core fans.

Titans is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is coming soon to Android.