Too Much Manscaping? Musto, O’Neil Discuss Unbroken

Freelance film critic Michael Musto was not invited to the preview screenings of Unbroken. Instead, he attended a New York showing of the Angelina Jolie adaptation of Lauren Hillenbrand’s bestseller as Gold Derby head honcho Tom O’Neil’s +1.


The pair subsequently got together for one of their always-entertaining awards season podcasts, allowing Musto to bring up a somewhat jarring film element:

“The [photo] stills of the guys in the POW camp look really hot. It’s like an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial,” said Musto. “There obviously was a salon on the premises, because their hair looks fabulous.”

O’Neil added that during a recent Unbroken event at the Metropolitan Club, he was seated at a table with leading man Jack O’Connell and brought up to the actor the fact that the character’s POW hair is always perfectly in place. “O’Connell said they knew that was happening throughout the filming and were ribbing each other about it,” O’Neil explained.

O’Neil also mentioned at the Metropolitan something he and Musto were joking about before the taping – how clean-shaven the POW prisoners always are. “That’s because the concentration camps made sure you were shaved because of lice,’ O’Neil said O’Connell replied at the event. To which O’Neil pointed out to the actor: in that case, what about the hair? Shouldn’t the actors have been head-shaven as well?

P.S. If you also think that The Theory of Everything‘s Eddie Redmayne is “a little too cute” to play Stephen Hawking, you’ll want to listen to the full Gold Derby discussion.

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