Unemployment Rate Holds Steady At 8.3 Percent As U.S. Adds 227,000 Jobs

The economy added 227,000 jobs, beating analysts’ expectations, even as the unemployment rate remained steady at 8.3 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced today.

The unemployment rate has fallen eight tenths of a percent since August 2011.

The biggest job gains were for temps (+45,000), health care (+61,000), and restaurants and bars (+41,000). Government employment was essentially unchanged, the Bureau said.

The numbers for December and January were revised upwards to show an extra 60,000 jobs were added in those months.

Update: We forgot our usual Temperance of Good News With More Numbers. As you are surely aware, while 8.3 percent unemployment is a (relatively) lovely number, it doesn’t count the 8.1 million people working part-time because they couldn’t find a full-time job and the 2.6 million people who were not working but not counted as unemployed because they hadn’t looked for a job in the past four weeks. That is all.

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