University of Michigan Hired Edelman to Back the Blue


For the ardent college football fan, this isn’t news. However, for others who may enjoy their Saturdays for other things, the University of Michigan is in a bad way.

Aside from the total amount of suckage that has been on display in “The Big House” for the past few years, U-M has not handled a few crucial PR items with delicac lately. In fact, the school has treated them like a back-up quarterback with alligator arms, blundering the whole thing.

And since U-M can’t count on its own in-house PR practitioners, they called upon Edelman to do their bidding.

Via the Detroit Free Presswe discover the blowback U-M football received after placing its quarterback Shane Morris back into a September game with a sprained ankle and a concussion. The school then apologized, claiming that its doctors “did not see the hit” in question.

The fault allegedly lay with a “serious lack of communication” between the coaching staff and medical personnel who put Morris back into the game…and when you have that kind of communications gap, you bring in the pros.

go blueEnter into the fray Edelman, which just finished “handling” the Jerry Sandusky imbroglio at Penn State.

“We believe there are times when getting an outside perspective is the smart thing to do,” U-M spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said in response to Free Press questions about Edelman. “We engaged Edelman to provide just that type of external perspective following the football-concussion incident. There is no ongoing work at this time.”

That perspective has already helped them determine how much they value human life and head coaches (which are not entirely synonymous at a big football factory like U-M). The Blue fired its head coach Brady Hoke after four years of failure. Afterward, U-M’s athletic director Dave Brandon, who handled the bungling of the aforementioned issues, mysteriously resigned.

Although a bill hasn’t been captured by TMZ, Fitzgerald will allegedly pay $75,000 for the firm’s services services. Edelman hasn’t responded to interview requests — a deftly ironic choice coming from the world’s largest PR name — but you know what they say…

Go Blue!

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