Upload a Photo on Social Media, and Toyota Will Donate 10 Car Seats for Kids

The latest philanthropic social campaign

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Toyota is turning mobile photo uploads on Twitter and Instagram into a philanthropic opportunity. For every photo that people post with the hashtag #BuckleUpForLife through Dec. 31, the brand will donate 10 car seats to Buckle Up for Life, a program that works with children's hospitals to educate parents on car-seat safety.

The social campaign is part of the brand's partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and runs during Toyotathon, a sales period at the end of the year when nearby dealers combine their marketing and inventory to push cars off the lots. Toyota will promote the campaign with signs inside dealerships and social media posts.

Toyota is also buying ads on Twitter and Facebook that target parents and millennials. Promos geared toward parents will show pictures of kids in car seats, while the millennial-focused ads may show pets or other objects strapped in.

The Torrance, Calif.-based automaker leaned on digital agency VaynerMedia to set up the social activation, which includes influencer marketing and paid media.

"The easiest way for people to get involved is to post a photo to their own social media accounts with the hashtag and rally their friends and family to do the same," said Monica Womack Peterson, director of social media strategy and operations at Toyota.

The automaker is also working with agency GrapeStory, which is enlisting social media influencers to post content on their accounts. Photographer Chris Ozer appeals to parents while actress Sunny Mabrey will likely speak to millennials.

Philanthropic social campaigns have become increasingly popular, and Toyota has run them before. Last year, it donated money to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for every time a consumer interacted with the brand online, totaling $200,000.

And for last year's Super Bowl, people could upload a picture tagged #wishgranted on Instagram to be featured in the brand’s commercial.

Here are some of the first images from the Buckle Up for Life campaign.


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