No Women on This Variety ‘Leaders’ List

ShutterstockBoysClubWhat happened here? Did this one not cross the desk of co-EIC Claudia Eller?

The byline says Variety Staff, which means the individual(s) responsible for the October 28 article is(are) avoiding individual flaming. However, in the item comments, on Facebook and beyond, folks are slamming the trade for highlighting seven men and zero women as “Hollywood’s New Leaders: PR/Digital/Management.”

What’s next? Well, among other things, one or more of the featured men will likely be heard over lunch, in the steam room and to female colleagues insisting they had nothing to do with the selection.

It doesn’t take a female brain surgeon to realize that the inclusion of one or two women is both logical and representational for each and every one of the trade’s “Hollywood Leaders” entries. Otherwise, the headline becomes: “Vox Pop Nix Picks!”

[H/T: Gillian Sheldon Heckendorf]

[Illustration: Jef Thompson/]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.