Venturi’s House Finally Safe; Designer Pays $15k to Keep Boston Bridge’s Lights On

Two quick notes to end your time with this writer’s triumphant return on a positive and/or more fun note. First, following up on that big story we were covering there for a while about Robert Venturi‘s 1967 house being moved by boat, you’ll be pleased to hear that it finally reached its new resting place all safe and sound. This week saw it placed on the new foundation laid for it in Long Island, thus finally completing these months of process and anxiety. Second up, out of Boston, one of the designers behind the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge, Miguel Rosales, sent a check for $15,000 to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority after hearing the agency was considering shutting off the ornamental lights on the bridge because it costs around $5,000 per month to leave them on. Following Rosales’ attempt to keep things lit for at least another three months, others have chipped in with donations, but thus far there doesn’t seem to be much change in the governing agency’s attitude. Whether or not they’ll return the checks if the lights stay off is another matter.