Scarlett Johansson, Action Bronson Share Vice Stage

Scarlett Johansson and Vice have come a long way since 1994. The actress kicked off her on-screen acting career that year with a small role in the Rob Reiner disaster North, while in the eastern half of The Great White North, Shane Smith and co. launched a modest free punk magazine.

Johansson was a surprise musical guest Friday at Vice’s 20th anniversary bash at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. While THRBillboard freelancer Ted Simmons reports that she had the crowd abuzz, EW’s Eric Brown suggests it was more along the lines of ah-what?:

When Johansson took the stage to sing New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle,” audience members mostly just wondered if it was actually her.

But the night’s high points blew the momentary, click bait missteps out of the water… After a brief, hilarious performance by raunch rapper and de facto Vice food critic Action Bronson – in which he rhymed over Tracy Chapman’s immortal “Give Me One Reason” — another supergroup took the stage. F—ed Up’s singer Damian Abraham led the ensemble onstage, asked the crowd if it liked hardcore, and then barreled through an abrasive and totally stellar punk medley that included Fugazi’s “Waiting Room,” Cro-Mags’ “We Gotta Know,” Black Flag’s “Police State,” and a Jay Reatard tribute. This was no Clash revival.

Instagram snippets of Johansson’s number can be viewed here and here.

[Photo of Johansson performing Friday: Sam Clarke, courtesy VICE Media]

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