Vice Is Launching a Female-Focused Channel Called Broadly

Let's hope it's not just a pile of fluff.

The Hollywood Reporter has the late Friday scoop about Vice’s plans to launch a new channel directed at women called Broadly, which will cover topics like “politics, culture, lifestyle, sex and fashion.”

According to the article:

Among the series that will air on the channel is A Day in the Life, which will examine the careers and lifestyles of everyone from a bullfighter to a ballerina. Each episode will shadow one woman for a day and give a glimpse into her world. Also in the lineup is Style and Error, a fashion-focused show that will attempt to make the high-end world of fashion more accessible by “getting super deep with the superficial.” Another show set to launch is How (Blank) Found Feminism, which will tell a new story in each episode of what led public figures to declare themselves feminists.

Tracie Egan Morrissey, a Jezebel alum, will be the director of content for the channel.

The article notes that Vice has made a point of being a place for men looking for “untraditional” stories and news coverage. So trying to appeal to women is definitely going in a different direction.

We can only hope that with Morrissey and publisher Shanon Kelley leading things, it will be a substantive channel and not just a fluff site that gets women all wrong. For instance, the piece on cancer that’s promoted up top would be something both men and women would certainly be into. And I’ve seen some of their coverage from places like North Korea and Yemen and it’s impossible not to be interested.

And, coincidentally, an interview with Vice reporter Thomas Morton about Atlanta’s trap music scene (a version of hip hop that’s particularly male-centric) appeared on Refinery 29 just today. It’s really random, but it shows how broad and diverse women’s interests can be.

So Vice could make some serious inroads by going out on a limb and not being like everyone else. It’s what they did for the guys and they’ve been pretty successful with that formula so far.

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