Video Pros Should Market Themselves Via Video (Or: The Much-Maligned Video Resume)

Here’s a new blog to watch: Steve Mort, or The One Man Band Video Reporter, is a journalist, producer, videographer and editor based in Orlando. At least, that’s what he says. To that list we’d add “a guy who knows a fair bit about video resumes.”
Mort, who makes video resumes for clients as well as teaches other videographers how to do it, has some suggestions on his blog.

An average person will position their camcorder (or even worse, their iPhone or Flip Phone) without bothering to plug in an external mic, sit in front of it, and then talk to 5 minutes about themselves – maybe even reading their paper resume. That’s a complete waste of time. No one wants to see that.
…Whoever is doing the hiring at a company has, more likely than not, watched television sometime in their life. They are used to seeing things on TV. They know in the back of their minds what looks good and what looks crap. They know what commercials look like on TV. People are used to consuming highly produced material even if they don’t think to themselves “wow that was highly produced.” And that is where my idea comes in. Why not give employers something that combines a video resume with production values.

If you work in media and know how to edit video/properly capture sound/light things well, you have even more of an opportunity to stand out from the crowd because you already have these skills.
What’s the best (or worst) video resume you’ve seen? I don’t want to pick on the poor guy that Mort already mentioned in his post, but this poor dude is pretty bad…

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