Vin Diesel’s Public Profile is the Fastest Growing on Facebook This Week

Actor Vin Diesel has enjoyed a resurgence following the release of the film “Fast & Furious,” but he’s also become wildly popular on his Facebook public profile. The page has gained nearly 1.5 million fans in the last week, and is still growing at a rapid rate, according to PageData. The success of the page has given a lot of exposure to the film, including all of Diesel’s appearances on TV and his international promotion of the movie.

In his latest movie, Diesel reunites with the original cast of the 2001 “The Fast and The Furious,” marking the first time he’s had a leading role in any of the F&F movies in 8 years. His work in between the two films hasn’t enjoyed nearly as much success as the original F&F.

The page itself contains recent photos from Diesel in Rome and the Dominican Republic, links to promotional sites and material, and events for his appearances on the talk show circuit. The last post has received over 15,000 likes and 3,300 comments – some of the most we’ve seen anywhere.

Whether or not Diesel himself is actually posting the updates, photos, and links is unclear. What is clear is the page is receiving a ton of traffic. It’s a testament to the exposure a studio or production company can get by making the effort to share content on Facebook. Diesel’s example shows that Facebook can be an easy way to promote new movies, public appearances, post movie trailers, and drive traffic to official film pages. It can also serve to stir up quite a bit of interest in upcoming films.

Generating numbers like those on the Vin Diesel page could translate into a potentially huge audience in the theaters, and not just here in the States. International users are another demographic with a strong representation on Diesel’s page. Facebook’s popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds in Europe, and the F&F franchise has traditionally done well overseas. Developing a Facebook fan page for stars and movies could prove to be an easy win when it comes to grabbing the attention of international movie-goers, and those all-important international dollars that offer big bumps in final box office numbers.

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