Vine Celebrates Second Year, 1.5 Billion Daily Loops

Vines are set to autoplay, though, so that 1.5 billion number may be a little off.

vine 640x450Vine’s Jason Toff, head of product, celebrated the video app’s second anniversary on Saturday with a congratulatory tweet:

That’s a lot of loops. Vines are set to autoplay, though, so that 1.5 billion number may be a little off. What we do know about the platform, for sure, is that there are over 400 million active daily users, as per metrics released in 2013. But as Gigaom’s Carmel DeAmicis notes today:

The company notably left out monthly active users and as far as I can tell it hasn’t released new user metrics since. I’ve reached out to the company to confirm and will update if I hear back. It’s possible that user growth itself has stagnated on the application even as its video plays have grown. Lots of people consume Vines other places than the app, watching them on Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube.

If you’re watching Vines on YouTube, we have a big problem. But the fact remains that it’s hard to calculate whats going on over at Vine, besides the fact that the looping videos seem to be all over the web and are increasing in popularity. One signifier is that, as DeAmicis notes, brands have been organically tapping popular Vine stars, but the application itself has yet to tap stars in the way  YouTube and, announced recently, Tumblr, does.

You can check out Vine’s own look-back playlist at their second year here. Just don’t leave the tab open afterwards and stuff that “daily loop” ballot box for them.

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