Virtual Greats Acquires NBA License for Branded Virtual Gifts in Social Network Apps, Virtual Worlds

Virtual Greats, a long time developer of licensed branded virtual goods, has recently expanded into sports with a multi-year licensing agreement with the NBA. Under the license, the company will be granted the rights to produce any number of NBA branded items (many launched already) across various social networks and virtual worlds.

At the top of the list are two virtual worlds for kids, WeeWorld and Planet Cazmo, where users will be able to give any number of items such as jerseys, pompoms, giant foam fingers, and even furniture. However, also getting a piece of the pie will be social network app developer RockYou, who will be distributing the virtual goods across major social platforms such as Facebook and MySpace. In fact, RockYou’s Facebook app SuperPets (now RockYou Pets) already has virtual goods available.

The timing works out perfectly for Virtual Greats as well, as the company expects tremendous success to coincide with the coming NBA Playoffs, describing their fans as “passionate and numerous.” The company intends to promote the items throughout the playoffs season.

“NBA-branded virtual merchandise affords our fans yet another platform to express loyalty to their favorite teams and players,” said Victoria Picca, Senior Vice President of Licensing & Business Affairs at NBA Entertainment. “Virtual Greats will extend our reach to the rapidly growing number of NBA fans in the digital world.”

In the past, many athletes has been covered by a company named Beelya. However, Beeyla has always dealt with individual players, while Virtual Greats received its license directly from the NBA itself.

[via Virtual Goods News]