How to Build a Unique Visual Brand on Twitter

How to Build a Unique Visual Brand on Twitter

How much thought do you give to the images you share on Twitter? When was the last time you refreshed your cover photo? The images you use on Twitter go a long way in building your brand – whether personal or professional – and we’ve got some tips for making yours stand out from the crowd.

Twitter is a visual medium

Sure, you have 140-characters to work with in every tweet… but you also have the opportunity to add 1,000 words with the click of the little camera button.

Tweets that contain images consistently perform better than tweets without. Images make your tweet stand out because not only are they eye-catching, but they make your tweet appear larger in your follower’s timelines – a huge boon in the real-time frenzy that is Twitter.

Your profile also features images front-and-center, with a large cover photo and profile picture attached to every one of your tweets.

Your images, your brand

In order to align your visuals with your brand, you have to know your brand. A quick-and-dirty way to begin developing your brand (if you haven’t done so already) is to ask yourself who you want to connect to on Twitter, and what type of brand “personality” would resonate well with this audience. And each and every image you upload to Twitter should reflect this brand.

First, begin with your profile picture. Most brands will choose to use their logo, which is typically consistent with brand identity. Just be sure that your logo is high enough resolution that it looks crisp and professional.

You do have other options for your Twitter profile picture, if you want to be a bit more original. Many brands will integrate their logo with the logo of a charity or cause they are currently supporting. Or, they’ll show national pride during events like the Olympics and change their profile picture to match.

Next, examine your cover photo. You have a recommended 1500×500 pixels to work with – a large space, and the first thing that people will notice when they visit your profile. Your cover photo should express your brand in a single glance. Here are some ideas for creative, unique and compelling cover photos:

  • Proudly put your team on display by taking a group shot at the office
  • Show some love to your community by featuring a collage of user-generated photos
  • Upload an ultra high resolution photo of your product in the hands of a happy customer
  • Create a pattern or abstract design that uses your brand’s colors and imagery
  • Rotate your cover photo to reflect your most recent campaign

Now that your profile’s visuals have come together, it’s time to work out an image-sharing strategy. Every time you share an image on Twitter, it should serve a purpose – whether to reinforce your brand, encourage a call to action, show affiliation with a cause or partner, generate leads, or something else.

The images you tweet should offer value to your audience, and should encourage them to click that “retweet” button: overlay a tip onto a picture, ask them to take an action, include a quote… anything that will get them to share.

If your brand is quirky and fun, your images should be quirky and fun. If it’s professional, they should be professional. By simply matching the images you share on Twitter with your brand, you’ll go a long way in standing out from the competition.

(Brand image via Shutterstock)