Vivian Schiller Tweets Her Departure from Twitter as Head of News

Vivian Schiller, Twitter’s head of news, took to her company’s social media platform Wednesday evening to announce that she is leaving the company that she joined less than one year ago.

In her second of three tweets, Schiller referenced Chloe Sladden and Ali Rowghani “for convincing me to come work at Twitter.” Sladden, who served as VP of media, announced that she was leaving Twitter in June of this year following Rowghani’s resignation as COO.

In a memo obtained by Re/code, Twitter’s global media chief Katie Stanton, referenced in Schiller’s first tweet, announced that Adam Sharp will take the lead as global chair in a restructure of news and government:

“As we continue to streamline the global media team and become more operationally efficient, we have decided to merge our news, gov & elections teams in North America. These teams have always worked in close partnership and we believe the new leadership structure will allow for even better synergy and best practice sharing among these important partners. As part of this transition, Vivian Schiller has decided to step down from her role.”

Before joining Twitter, Schiller served as Chief Digital Officer of NBC News from 2011-13 after resigning as president and CEO of NPR in March 2013.