Vook Has A New Tool For Making eBooks

Digital publishing company Vook has launched a new eBook platform that publishers and authors can use to create and distribute interactive digital books.

Mattew Cavnar at Vook blogged about the news: “Today we opened Vook to the world, enabling anyone who visits our site to access our platform and create great looking eBooks, distribute them to the major marketplaces, and track their sales.”

The tool lets users build eBooks by uploading text, images, drawings and even videos. Users are guided through a step-by-step process for layout, design and previewing the book. Once the book is built a user can create an ISBN, add metadata and descriptions to help market the book. And finally, the tool lets a user either export a file to self-publish on their own or publish to the better known eBook retailers.

Publisher’s Weekly has details about pricing: “Pricing is structured for large and small publishers.  Annual account fees range from $79/ month (or $849 for a year) at the basic level to $299 per month ($3,199 for a year); Vook is also offering custom enterprise accounts.

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