VOTE: Which Dies First, Friendster Or MySpace?

Friendster's very real request that everyone back up their profiles locally sharply contrasts a hoax viral message reposting on Facebook earlier this year about space supposedly running out. This begs the question about the long-term prognosis for the predecessor site -- please share your opinion in our poll.

It’s hard not to wonder whether Friendster’s request that users back up their account information bodes something ill for the site’s future: What’s really going to happen when everything gets deleted at the end of next month?

Friendster’s very real request sharply contrasts what tuned out to be a viral hoax on Facebook, as users reposted erroneous warnings that people needed to demonstrate that their active use of the site by a certain date or face account deletion.

Even though Friendster appears to have toned down its message from an original warning that implies a site relaunch is coming, the need for users to back up their content or lose it completely suggests a low-budget operation. Many other online destinations relaunch without demanding that individuals back up their content or lose it all.

Readers, do you think Friender’s request shows signs that the site won’t be around very long? And while we’re at it, what about Facebook’s other predecessor, MySpace, well known to be on the auction block but without any takers?

Let us know what you think by participating in the poll below, and also sharing in the comments section your rationale for how you voted. Notice that this time around, you can select more than one answer and also write in your own choice. Please be sure to check back here later to see how the votes are adding up.