Racked Promotes Leslie Price, Izzy Grinspan

Leslie Price
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There’s a whole lot going on at Vox Media fashion vertical Racked.

A few months ago, Racked national staff moved into Vox’s Midtown offices. The site now has 16 full-time staffers, triple the number in place at the time Vox acquired the property in 2013. And this week, Leslie Price was promoted to editor-in-chief while Izzy Grinspan was named executive editor.

The editors of Racked’s local city editions work out of their respective territories, while the back end for all Racked functionality is run out of Vox’s Washington D.C. offices.

“Our traffic has gone up seven-fold in the past year,” explains Price via telephone to FishbowlNY. The latest Google Analytics monthly uniques total for Racked is a little over five million.

“Heading into 2015, we have a lot of content that we’re excited about,” Price continues. “We just started doing a new video series that revolves around hauls.”

Adds Grinspan, also on the call: “Video is an area we have been wanting to get into fully for a while. It’s been really nice to be able to make use of Vox’s state-of-the-art studio. And being able to work with people who really know video.”

Izzy Grinspan
Photo by: Driely S.

The pair tell us, when asked, that there is no real “ultimate gets” interview list at Racked. The site has solid access to fashion industry players and moves along that organic, expanding level.

“For us, it’s more about being able to do different forms of content,” notes Price. “For example, we hired a features editor in July and we also have a dedicated features reporter. We’ve been doing more long-form content.”

Says Grinspan: “We did a big 6,300-word look at the cult of Hello Kitty, which went over really well. More of those kinds of articles are in the works.”

Facebook remains a huge source of traffic for Racked, and as such is something that is actively addressed in just about every editorial meeting. Another piece of content that scored in 2014 with readers involved an emerging label.

“Our features editor, Julia Rubin, who came over from Teen Vogue this summer, did this really great reported story on Brandy Melville. They don’t have a ton of stores, and they don’t do any marketing at all.”

“The way they have grown their business is by working with teenagers on Instagram, who represent what the company is all about,” Grinspan continues. “Brandy Melville is into a very California, beach vibe, so they’ve been working with these gorgeous California girls, who hang out on the beach. They’ve actually hired a bunch of these teenagers to be, almost, their consultants.”

Our congrats to these two veteran Racked editors. Price launched Racked NY in 2008 and, after stints with Lucky magazine and InStyle‘s StyleFind, rejoined Racked in 2010 to run Racked LA. She was appointed to the position of Racked National editor in 2012. Grinspan joined Racked in 2008 and previously served as editorial director for the company’s network of city sites.

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