How can you create unique value on top of Facebook’s platform?


In our meeting at Facebook recently, they told us that our objective should be to create unique value on top of their platform.

So if you’re just running ads, selling tabs, or providing pure agency services, your value will soon be competed down to zero or provided by Facebook themselves (as you can see in this new campaign).

So make sure you drive and measure impact outside of Facebook.

Here are some ways to do so:

  • If you’re running Google Ads– then drive Facebook ads (page post link ads) to the site, so that Google remarketing (retargeting) can pick up the audience from there.
  • If you’re a creative agency, tie your overall content calendar to Facebook so you’re amplifying what’s already out there. Then you can show the impact of your creative. Without ads, you’re not getting much exposure, sorry.
  • If you’re a web designer wanting to offer Facebook marketing in your mix of services, then you can show how you deepen Facebook engagement by collecting emails and leads on the site– whether via iframed tab or directly to the site. The conversion tracking pixel is key for you.
  • If you’re in PR, then you’re going to rely more on workplace targeted ads, as opposed to paid press releases and mass email spamming.

If you’re a marketing manager or marketing director, consider that effective Facebook marketing means KILLER content produced in-house and usually amplified (our word for advertising) in-house, too. It’s all going in-house, with the exception of agencies who come in to help on specific, temporary functions.

If you’re an agency, consider where you add value in terms of your vertical expertise or technology beyond what Facebook is building.

Readers: What other tips do you have?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.