Walk Into Walgreens, Check In to Foursquare and Get a 50% Off Coupon

Walk into a Walgreens, pull out your mobile phone, check in to Foursquare and get 50% off an Arizone Ice Tea.  That’s the new experience being offered by a partnership between Walgreens and Foursquare, and it seems pretty attractive.  New uses of social media like this provide a win-win-win situation, where foursquare gets another check-in and interested user, Walgreens gets a sale and the user gets a discount.  It’s surprising how little this kind of couponing service is currently being used, but I have a feeling this will be big in the future.

This isn’t the first time Walgreens has used Foursquare to give shoppers discounts — in March of 2011 the company ran its first campaign where users who checked in got 15% of sale items and 20% off of Walgreens brand items.  The campaign was successful, and now Walgreens is experimenting with specific coupons for specific stores.  One of the goals here is to collect information about the users who are actually using the promotion and testing whether it can drive specific product sales in specific stores.  Walgreens haven’t released numbers on how many people are actually using the service yet, but it seems like at this point the company is testing the water to see how their users react.

This is also a distinct campaign from Walgreens’ own application, of which they drove 500,000 application installs in December.  They run coupons on that application too, and I imagine they will be watching closely to see whether Foursquare is giving them enough added sales to warrant the deal.  If not, they may just stick to promoting their own application instead.

Obviously, the Arizona Ice Tea coupon is just the first coupon available and it runs through March 10th.  There will be a whole variety of coupons available in the coming months, and we’ll check in to see how the service is performing.

Image: Tyler Olson via Shutterstock