Want To Make Video Games? Not As Far-Fetched As You Think

Video games aren’t just for your nerdy cousin anymore. Is that even news in the age where it’s just as common for Mom to be playing Bejeweled on her iPhone as it is for Grandpa and the kids to share in a round of Wii bowling? No matter what, games are here—and so far, weathering the recession fairly well. U.S. sales of video games and consoles were up 9 percent in December 2008, 19 percent for all of last year. And not surprisingly, many of the companies that make these games are hiring.

Flocking to these pixelated refuges are all types of people, according to Workforce: laid-off financial consultants, Web designers, marketers, and more are trying their hand in the game industry. And stick this in your joystick and smoke it: “Media types also have an edge in the hiring process,” at least according to one CEO of a currently-hiring video game company. Kenny Rosenblatt, CEO of Arkadium, says “All games have stories. We need people to write those stories,”

Now, while the future isn’t all rosy—the big game companies are finding it harder to compete with free and low-cost Web or mobile games, meaning the big, epic stories may be harder to come by—the video game industry may be a lovely haven for media job-seekers considering their next moves.

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