WaPo Blogger Tweaks Ezzy

It’s always strange when a publication allows the eating of one’s own cubs. Isn’t that a little, um, disgusting?

But at WaPo it’s allowed. Usually it happens between partisan journalists. But yesterday afternoon a blogger for The Plum Line, a liberal blog run by Greg Sargent, ran an item knocking star blogger (and Democratic strategist) Ezra Klein.

Blogger Jonathan Bernstein begins with a compliment/complaint for Ez. “Ezra Klein had a great post this morning about the upcoming contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but I have to nitpick just a bit,” he writes. He goes on to elaborate. “Klein writes that ‘Obama has the worst poll numbers of any incumbent president running for reelection in recent history.’ That was true briefly earlier this winter, but it’s no longer the case.”

See him lay out what he claims is Ezra’s false reporting here.

Hang in there, Ezzy. We still love you!