WaPo Seeks London Bureau Chief

David and Kevin, if no one at WaPo wants this gig, I’m all yours…
The WaPo memo announcing the open position:

This summer, Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan will be returning home after a remarkable overseas tour, including the last four years as our co-bureau chiefs in London. We are beginning the process of looking for a successor.
As Kevin and Mary so ably demonstrated, London is at the center of our global enterprise ambition. In recent years, they launched major reporting efforts on the digital revolution, on global trends in religion and spirituality, and on the burdens of women in the Third World. They jumped on breaking stories from terrorist attacks to the Danish cartoons to the economic meltdown. And they never ceased to entertain us with leading-edge coverage of culture and life from Buckingham Palace to Birmingham.
We are looking for a correspondent with proven enterprise skills, capable of a penetrating investigation one week and a Style centerpiece the next. We seek someone quick and fluid on news, agile with many different topics, and flexible enough to travel widely. Ireland is a regular part of the beat. We expect a correspondent to be ready to run for Heathrow — and destinations worldwide.
London is a major financial center, and at least in the near term, we envision this correspondent leading our coverage of the recession and its many ripples across the globe. The job demands relentless focus on major topics of the day, as well as an eye for the enlightening and surprising.
We would like to get a new correspondent on station in late summer.
Those who are interested, even in an exploratory way, should contact David Hoffman or Kevin Sullivan (after May 4) by May 11.

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