Washington Examiner Crime Reporters Get Results

Sometimes it pays to anger a drug dealer.

After the Washington Examiner ran a report Thursday about Darrell Edwards, a Prince George’s County resident wanted for drug trafficking, the fugitive turned himself in that very day. The report included the mugshot pictured here.

Edwards didn’t like “how he was portrayed” in the story, so he took himself to the courthouse to turn himself in. The Examiners‘ follow-up story didn’t say what exactly Edwards objected to but thank God the reporters pissed him off. The report from Thursday said authorities described Edwards as a “6-foot-3, 245-pound … menace.” Maybe it was his weight. (That fat ass. Just kidding if he’s reading this.)

Edwards is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on April 6.

Some well-deserved self-congratulating in the Examiner‘s follow-up story:

“Forty-one fugitives have now been taken into custody after their cases were featured in The Examiner.

Others captured thanks to tips from Examiner readers include murderers, rapists, scam artists and sex offenders.”

And some congratulations to the Examiner‘s crime reporters Scott McCabe and Emily Babay. McCabe started the weekly “Most Wanted” feature in 2008 and law enforcement officials say it has been successful in helping track down dozens of criminals.

We reached out to McCabe to see if he had any thoughts on the Examiner‘s success in the crime department. We’ll update if he responds.