Washington Post Employees Picket Changes to Retirement Plans

After announcing major changes to future retirement medical benefits and pensions for nonunion employees and plans to pursue the same for its union employees, several dozen Washington Post employees picketed its entrance Thursday afternoon, carrying signs that read “Another Wall Street Smash and Grab” and “Shame on Bezo$.” The recent changes came one year after the paper’s sale to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com.

Washintonian’s Benjamin Freed writes:

“The picket line appeared to be made up of mid- and late-career employees from the editorial, circulation, and advertising departments. The demonstration included some familiar bylines, like fedora-clad Metro columnist John Kelly, reciting chants like ‘Post employees, unite and fight! Make Jeff Bezos do what’s right!’ “

Washington Post staff writer Fredrick Kunkle, a co-chair of the local union who’s been with the paper since 2000, told Freed that pursuit of a strike is “too soon” to consider.

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