WCBS-TV Scores Big With Mobile2

With the storm cleanup dragging on in New York City, Channel 2 is using their new “Mobile2” unit to give a unique perspective of the snow-filled roads.

A WCBS reporter drives a mobile van with a camera positioned in the passenger seat. The station says Mobile2 uses state-of-the-art technology. It was first shown to viewers at the height of the storm, giving a look at the whiteout conditions. 

Now, as Mayor Bloomberg is getting criticized for the slow response by the city’s Department of Sanitation, Mobile2 has been there to show the evidence.

Last night, WCBS took it a step further. With reporter Sean Hennessey at the wheel, driving through a blizzard-ravaged Carroll Gardens, Crown Heights, and Flatbush communities, he had a special guest in the backseat–Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.  

If Mobile2 wasn’t already a successful tool, this made it a winner.

As Markowitz ripped the city’s response, he could show firsthand certain side streets that were unplowed as the van moved along.  

It made for a great piece of local news that undoubtedly will influence other channels going forward.