We Can’t Pronounce It, But We Love It

Living up to their promise to showcase “emerging design talent across an array of disciplines,” SFMOMA mounts a number of exhibitions like this one: “Xefirotarch/design series 4,” featuring the LA studio Xefirotarch.

These kids take blobitecture to new sci-fi heights, making for a fantasyland of forms that’s every bit as visually dramatic as “Alien,” but prettier. It all seems to tell a story: there are prickly skeletal shapes that look like otherworld carcasses, and shimmery animations that recall encounters with intelligent life. Their use of sleek materials, almost all in red, white and black, makes it even more surrealist and scary–they render red Ferrari paint into what feels like drops of blood (the piece is even called “Sangre,” and you can take a guess at what that means). It’s the perfect companion, actually, to the Matthew Barney show upstairs.

If you can’t make it to SFMOMA, pick up the book.

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