We Were in the Lounge for the Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards were handed out last night at the Times Center in New York, with award winners including New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg for Foursquare Mayor of the Year; Justin Bieber for music; and Occupy Wall Street for activism.

Hosted by The Daily Show‘s Samantha Bee and hubby IRL Jason Jones (left). According to the couple, they were happy to host and “honored to be away from their kids.”

A list of all the winners is available here and photos from the event have been posted on Flickr. (Separate from the awards themselves, this awful thing happened after “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” won. Shameful and disgusting.)

Still not sure what all the fuss is about? Click through.

Forbes has an interesting article about why the Shortys and, by extension Twitter, is important. And below, Gregory Galant, founder of Sawhorse Media, talks with The Wall Street Journal about the awards.

As the title of this post mentions, we were at the ceremony and watched the happenings from the downstairs lounge (the access that our blue pin would allow). Here’s our two cents based on our experience of the evening:

-A weird hand puppet, Bravo’s Chef Roble (who is very tall and very handsome), and a guy wearing driving gloves who said his new startup was “going to change the world” were also in the lounge at one point. At the same time.

-Two competing Miley Cyrus fansites were nominated for the award in that category and both lost to Sherlockology, the handle for fans of the BBC show Sherlock.

After being told by security that he and his friends couldn’t have chicken fights, someone in the lounge began asking people to tweet #ShortyAwards #chickenfights to try and start one. However, smartphone/tablet reception in the lounge was limited or nonexistent. We saw no chicken fights.

-No one seemed to be able to identify the spice on the complimentary popcorn, but people kept eating it.

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