Weekly RotorBlog Highlights: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and Friendfeed

It’s Friday and time for our regular RotorBlog weekly highlights. The social networking/web 2.0 scene seems pretty quiet this week. The major players seem to be observing some peace and quiet except for some minor buzz such as Facebook reaching its 200 million users and wanting to be good, the release of Yahoo Messenger for iPhone app, the Friendfeed home page redesign, some updates from the Gmail Labs and Twitter’s exponential growth.Earlier this week, the Friendfeed folks made their presence felt with the announcement of the new Friendfeed home page redesign. Currently in beta mode, the new Friendfeed home page is starting to look more like an expanded Twitter home page view. Some may not like the new Friendfeed home page, while others may do. Along with the new home page are some new features including the most important “Real Time” updating of streams. Now you don’t have to keep on clicking the “refresh’ button to see updates from your Friendfeed friends.

Next, we have Facebook’s Zuckerberg announcing that Facebook has reached milestone in terms of membership – 200 million active users. And to celebrate their achievement, Facebook decided to do some good deeds as well as to document this milestone by way of the fan page Facebook for Good. You can do your part by purchasing some of the featured gifts in the Facebook shop. Part of the proceeds from the sale of those items will go to some charitable institutions. It’s Facebook’s little own way of paying it forward.

A few days after releasing the Yahoo News App for the iPhone, Yahoo released its native Messenger iPhone app. It’s a full-featured YM iPhone app which I would really like to have on my iPhone. But unfortunately, the app is not available to all iPhone users yet. But if you are located in the US, you might want to check it out.

Gmail also joined the noise this week with two new features from the Gmail Labs – Inserting images and Sender time zone. Like I said in my previous post, I like the Sender time zone feature as it makes Gmail an instant time zone converter.

And finally the biggest news to hit the IT scene this week – Twitter is exponentially growing. Facebook may have reached its 200 millionth users, but look who is hot on the trail? Twitter of course. Twitter’s site traffic has reached the 10 millionth mark in March and continuous to grow everyday. And with two of the major internet players rumored to be looking at possibly acquiring Twitter, we could only say that Twitter is now the hottest commodity today.

That’s it for this week. Who knows what will happen next week? Stay tune for more coverage here at RotorBlog.