Weigelicious Birthday Cake Balls

A very special birthday shout-out today to Slate‘s Dave Weigel. Among a smattering of birthday wishes, he enjoyed “amazing” birthday balls from Slate editorial assistant Elizabeth Weingarten who made the birthday balls (shown here). She is not related to WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten (better luck next time, Gene). But she is related to the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial writer Paul Weingarten.

Getting back to Weigel, we hear he has quite a party in the works called “Weigel XXX” not to be confused with a former party dubbed “Weigelpalooza.” The invitation sent by Slate Senior Editor Chris Wilson reads: “As motivation for Dave Weigel not blog[ging] himself to death before attaining the ripe age of 30, we’re throwing him a birthday bash on Thursday at One Lounge DC in Dupont starting at BLANK. The first twelve guests to the door will win an autographed copy of Chris Wilson‘s best-selling 2008 campaign book ‘Obamamania.’ So don’t be late.” So far, 56 people have RSVP’d yes.

AFP‘s Olivier Knox saluted Weigel by wishing someone else a happy birthday first. He wrote, “Happy birthday to Olivia Newton-John! (And @daveweigel).” House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor‘s (R-Va.) press office also gave him a public birthday wishes.

Weigel appears to mostly be having a good day. He chattered away on Twitter as usual: “I wanted a day free of blog post-eating tech failures for my birthday. Alas. Will settle for cash. Also, will settle for the tech failure happening 5 minutes into writing, instead of right when I type the last line.”

We asked how he was feeling on his 30th. He replied, “What? WHAT? I can’t hear you over these damn punk kids, with their rock and roll music and their Silly Bandz and their premarital hand-holding. Also, I don’t miss my twenties at all so far. It probably helps that I was a cautionary tale, and not a wunderkind.”