The Demographics of Weird N.J. Magazine

Founded in 1989 and still trucking 25 years later, Weird N.J. magazine has added two more issues this year, in May and October.

If you think the name is weird, the official stance on subscriber demographics is even weirder:

There are no demographics to Weird NJ. We do not cater to anyone other than our readers, who unwittingly steer us in the next direction. We have no set plan as to where each new issue will take us, as the magazine has an open policy of presenting what you think is an odd occurrence, not just our own opinion. “Weird” is not a restricted term in our magazine. It is a celebrated adjective that everyone sees differently.

Current Issue #43 is generating some nice press coverage for editors-publishers-everything Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran. They’ve got a piece syndicated to the Asbury Park Press and also spoke to the Star-Ledger‘s Peter Genovese for a hilariously headlined feature – “Midgetville, Two Cemeteries, One Asylum and the Death Burger: A Spooky Ride with Weird N.J.:”

Moran says he was once arrested and charged with “defiant trespassing” after being caught on the grounds of the old St. Paul’s Abbey in Newton. The fine: $600. “It’s all part of the job,” he says, sighing.

The two Mark’s told Genovese they sell around 23,000 copies of each issue.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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