Welcome Back, Justine Sacco

SaccoDating app Hot or Not received a lukewarm mention on BuzzFeed this morning, with writer Peter Lauria describing the product as “once massively popular, cruel, and addictive”; his very headline had the company returning to “an overheated online dating market.”

As marrieds with dogs, we’re far less interested in the fortunes of said app than the little nugget buried at the bottom of the post:

“To help with the marketing and promotion of Hot or Not’s relaunch, Andreev has hired Justine Sacco, the former communications director for Diller’s IAC”

That was quick, wasn’t it?

In short, Sacco is now in charge of promoting the newly relaunched app, which has been supplanted by superior entries like Tinder over the past few years.

The principle behind the newest version is providing a user with a running list of the “hottest” singles in his/her vicinity as determined by the larger Hot or Not community. It’s basically a GPS-enabled variation on the original idea for Facebook (or so Aaron Sorkin told us).

Sacco atoned for her infamous “it IS racist” tweet by spending the month of March working for an NGO in Ethiopia, where she MAY have seen a giraffe (take note, Delta Airlines). Russian investor Andrey Andreev of UK dating service/social network Badoo then hired her to help make Hot or Not “hot” again in the US, and he probably did so because Sacco promoted Match.com before the infamous tweet led to an unplanned four-month sabbatical.

At any rate, we hope the public will view Sacco fairly: not as some sort of “worst person in the world” competitor but as a seasoned PR professional tasked with the perpetual challenge of promoting a crappy product.

And no, she hasn’t rejoined Twitter.

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