West End Cinema Operator Backs Petition Supporting Sony’s Release of ‘The Interview’

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In the wake of Sony’s decision to halt the December 25th release of The Interview, there has been a tremendous amount of reactionary support for the film to be shown.

Although most major movie theaters have remained silent on the possibility of releasing the movie in the future, many independent theaters have voiced their support for Sony in screening the film in some capacity.

As CNN Money reported, a petition titled “We the undersigned support Sony” has emerged in which backers claim to “support theatrical engagements of ‘The Interview’ should Sony, at its sole discretion, decide to release it to theaters.”

The petition, located on the website Change.org, does not specify how many of the 220 signatures are from theater owners, however, at least one supporter of the petition is confirmed — operator of the West End Cinema in Washington, DC, Josh Levin.

Levin posted on his Facebook page: “As the operator of an independent cinema (the West End Cinema in Washington, DC), I refuse to allow bullies to dictate what I can and cannot show.”

His sentiment is one shared by many Americans, as confirmed by a recent CNN/ORC poll that showed around 6 in 10 Americans believed the cancellation “was an overreaction.”