Wharton Whednesday

While you were glued to the debate on Tuesday night, the real party was at Darnell’s Lounge. It was a birthday party for stylist to the stars, Paul Wharton. WHY Wharton would hold a birthday party on the evening of the Presidential Debate is beyond me, but it sounds like it was a real blast. Wharton offered details. He said, “Guests jammed out to 80’s R&b, Michael Jackson, Prince and some of my favorite house music. We ate jerked chicken wings, meatballs, quesadillas and lots of other yummy food.”

As for guests, Wharton notables included Stacie Turner from Real Housewives of DC and her mean girl sidekick Erika Hughes, ABC 7’s morning anchor Cynne Simpson (pictured), my other good friend her cousin Dawn Simpson, national radio personality Huggy Low Down, social activist Marcia Dyson (wife of Michael Eric Dyson), Facebook’s Andrew Noyes, lobbyist Nicole Venable, GM’s Nyree Wright, Charrisse Jordan (Paul’s BFF and wife of Eddie Jordan, former head coach of the Wizards and current assistant head coach of the Lakers.)

Sounds like we missed quite a bash. Too bad this is Washington, D.C. and most people had their eyes peeled to the debate. Sounds like Wharton had a great time celebrating his birthday and throwing down a couple of cocktails (minus the tail.)