What can a $1 Facebook ad budget do?


My colleague Christine Brewer wrote a quick article for our friends over at Canada Adopts. I quickly made an ad with just a $1 lifetime budget and some light targeting to people who like adoption, foster care, and are standing for other similar causes.

I didn’t think much would come of it with such a large audience and such a small budget.

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But man, was I wrong…

Adoption Australia, the national adoption organization for Australia, found the post, and liked / shared it.

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Adoption Australia has an audience of about 1,500 people. But not only did they share it with those fans, they tagged someone else in their comment:

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Sunday Night, a TV show in Australia, who then also shared the post.

After digging around I found that they, too, support adoption and other related causes — so their audience is based on families.

Not only did the people who run Sunday Night’s social media see this but then shared this with a potential reach of 165,000 people.

Which would explain the sudden bump in worldwide traffic to Christina’s blog.

2014-10-03 00_43_56-Australia Adopts_for1dollar_V1_6262014 - Microsoft Word

See how for just $1, you can make some serious ripples? It all comes down to who you target.

Do you have a dollar to spare to spread your message?

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