When Brands Bow To The Power Of Your Tweets [INFOGRAPHIC]

If enough people tweet, update their statuses and post to YouTube about a company, will they listen? The examples in this infographic point to “yes”, as more companies tap into the social communications of their (increasingly vocal) customers.

Coming to us from Frugal Dad, the infographic “Giants Kneel to a Tweet: When Social Consumers Go Viral” explores how companies respond when their customers take to Twitter, Facebook and other social media to voice their opinions.

Take the story of the Bank of America’s monthly $5 debit fee. Introduced in September, the fee received widespread criticism on social media. Petitions were established on Change.org, “Bank Transfer Day” took off on Facebook, and by November 1st, the Bank of America and three other banks removed the $5 fee.

GoDaddy was publicly denounced on Twitter (by the founder of Cheezburger and Jimmy Wales) for their support of SOPA and subsequently backtracked. Netflix was shamed by Twitter when it announced – and shortly nixed – the Qwikster brand. And Armani and Versace were brow-beaten by fashion bloggers who discovered that their jeans not only poisoned their workers but also cost twice as much as their monthly salary.

This infographic is full of great examples of consumers harnessing the power of social media and taking control of the brands they patronize. Take a look below:

(Communication image via Shutterstock)

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