What Should Facebook Page Admistrators Do After F8?

What's a page administrator to do with all of the information announced today at Facebook's f8 conference?

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg made no mention of pages during his keynote today at the company’s annual conference.
He simply told businesses to “rethink your industries” because of Facebook’s new GraphRank, ticker and timeline products.
Pages will face new challenges in both design and distribution, following the innovation trail led by profiles, just as has happened in the past.
That means everything announced for profiles today will become available for pages in the future.

Business Pages Will Get Timelines

Facebook pages will eventually have timelines for business. This was not announced, but it is inevitable.
Business page timelines make sense, right?
You’ll tell the story of you business, highlight the social interactions you’ve had with fans, and showcase the web assets you consider meaningful.
Page adminstrators will spend their time curating what content shows up, using new third-party apps that arise to help business timelines, and competing for dominance with GraphRank as to what shows up on their page.

Business Pages Will Use Verbs Other Than Like

Start thinking long and hard about what OpenGraph verbs — since like is spinning off several subsets of actions 0-0 describe your products.
Obviously, people eat or cook food products… but what about verbs for less consumer oriented companies? Are we going to see ticker items about system administrators install a VMware product or create a virtual machine? Probably not.

Pages Will Benefit From Ticker And GraphRank

If you play the game, you will benefit from increased engagement on the Facebook platform because of the ticker and GraphRank.
Figure out how to use OpenGraph verbs, and you will see dramatically increased visibility in the new ticker versus what you get in the news feeds for fans of businesses.
Could the ticker be a game-changer for businesses whose posts never reach 80 percent of their fans? There is a first move advantage to be seized, that’s for sure.

Applications Are Better Than Pages — For Now

In the short term, creating an app on the platform is the best way to benefit from the new changes.
Apps, not pages, got all the attention today.
Apps from Netflix and Spotify enabled spontaneous TV and music consumption within Facebook. For now, pages can only dream about that level of social integration with Facebook’s new products.

So What Didn’t Change For Pages?

You should still pay for Facebook ads. They are the best way to reach people.
The new OpenGraph verbs will allow advertisers to target users on a more granular basis. For example, you can target people who are currently listening to “Redemption Song,” not just users who like Bob Marley.
“You need to pay to get your message out. Facebook Ads are the best way to amplify your message.” Facebook’s Kay Madati said just two days ago at Social Media Week L.A. The more things change, the more they stay the same…
Readers, what do you think GraphRank, ticker and timeline mean for your pages?
Will McGrouther is the chief executive officer of Retained Search.
Image from Shutterstock edited by AllFacebook.

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