What’s Dana Tweeting?

When last we left Dana Perino of Fox News, she was doling out complimentary advice to would-be hoteliers on how to run a proper establishment. We have to admit, we are THOROUGHLY enjoying the Twitter feed of Perino since we started paying closer attention to it. While she may be best known as former Press Secretary to President George W. Bush, her interests go well beyond the realm of politics.

So, you might be asking yourself, “What’s Dana Tweeting?” Well, we’re here to help. Today, we find Dana in “dismay” over her lunch option.

Dismay may be a strong phrase for this situation, but we feel you Dana. Cottage cheese, better known as the “trailer park of cheeses” with pineapple? I wouldn’t eat that unless you covered it in bacon and cheese! And what about Greg Gutfeld? He gets Dana’s sloppy seconds?

The dismay was so severe that Dana moved on to some retail therapy.

Amen, sister! We’ve been preaching about the dangers of jean shorts for years now. And just because something is “back in style” doesn’t mean it’s worth wearing! The people in my local coffee shop look like genuine lunatics with their handlebar mustaches, skinny jeans and fedoras. It’s at the point where I wouldn’t even think twice if I saw some hipster walk in wearing full lederhosen. We have your back on this one, Dana. Stay away from the jean shorts unless you want to go clown from the neck down.

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