What’s Dana Tweeting?

While we will still check in with our popular feature, “What’s Roland Tweeting?”, we are widening our scope to see what others might be tweeting. We’ve monitored several journos to see who might produce a Twitter feed that can even compare to the crazed magnitude of CNN’s Roland Martin and we may have found our winner: Dana Perino. Perino, who used to be best known as former Press Secretary for Pres. George W. Bush, can now be seen as 1/5 of “The Five” on FNC. Each night she mixes it up with the likes of Bob Beckel as she plays for the Conservative Team. On Twitter, Perino goes all over the map. Which is where we find her today. Dana is traveling and doesn’t like the hotel where she’s staying. The conditions are positively terrifying. Just listen to this horror show.

Dana “Too Much Cappuccino” Perino has high standards, people. Get her some clean water for her tea. This isn’t the Sudan, for chrissakes! Clean water does exist. Perino then realizes that she may have missed her calling. The high flying world of politics and punditry is about to be left behind…

She’s chock full of ideas. How did we go this long without this knowledge? Perino even captured the attention of Politico’s Patrick Gavin who recognized Perino’s scathing insights on Twitter, saying that he’s happy she’s turning “her lens on hotel shortcomings.”

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you “What’s Dana Tweeting?”

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