What’s Roland Tweeting?

It’s time for yet another edition of “What’s Roland Tweeting.” As we’ve said before, as long as CNN’s Roland Martin is on indefinite suspension from CNN for remarks he made on Twitter, we will fill you in on what’s going on in his world – or at least his Twitter feed. Today, finds a very inspired Roland. Someone recommended that Martin watch the Ben Affleck movie, “Company Men.” While we have never seen this flick, we understand it is focused around corporate downsizing. Roland is driven to share life lessons that he took away from the movie. So, we present to you the life lessons taken away from the movie Company Men, Top-Ten style…Who knew that Roland had an inner Suze Orman?

1. Never live above your means. Tomorrow’s paycheck isn’t promised.
2. You are a line item on a corporate balance sheet. Loyalty? Yea right. Always look out for yourself FIRST!
3. Downsizing ain’t that hard. It happens to everyone. Learn to like a smaller life.
4. NEVER overextend yourself. Don’t owe on your house, cars, country club AND credit cards. Eliminate debt!
5. ALWAYS have a Plan B. Never entrust your entire life with one company. Think multiple revenue streams.
6. ALWAYS assess your skills & think of multiple jobs you’ll B able to do. Don’t get locked into1 area of expertise.
7. Your boss isn’t your friend. If it comes down to you or him/her, It’s ALWAYS business. Never personal. Accept it.
8. If your spouse needs to keep up with the Joneses, tell them to go & marry a Jones! You don’t need the drama.
9. Be honest with your kids. Don’t hide the truth of layoffs & income change. They need to know what it feels like.
10. Your life is NOT over with a job loss. Follow #1-9 & u will survive, thrive & have an amazing life. So go live!

Thanks, Roland! You’re like some even newer-age Deepak Chopra! We feel confident that these words will live on to inspire generations of young professionals.

In other “What’s Roland Tweeting” news, last week we actually got his attention. (Let’s call this Meta-What’s Roland Tweeting). He thought that THIS contributor was stealing the idea from our editor, Betsy Rothstein. When we informed Martin that we report directly to Ms. Rothstein, he tweeted back to us.


We aren’t sure how we feel about Roland being “in on the joke”, but that won’t stop us from bringing you another edition of “What’s Roland Tweeting!”